Books. Films. Networking. Cooking classes. Community pride. CORE's programs provide professional and personal value to our membership and society.

Read Philippines

Library Book Collections
CORE's campaign to build and donate Philippine book collections aims to make information on Philippine culture, values and history accessible in mainstream public libraries. Fundraisers include Write to Our Culture Performance Showcase, NYC Scavenger Hunt and Annual Pool Tournament.

Book Club
Embark on an exploration of Filipino and Filipino-American literary greats, past and present with the Book Club. The writers we explore will fill the void left empty by the Anglo-centric literary tradition in which we were raised. Participants will be given several weeks to read a chosen book, after which a Literary Discussion will take place over a weekend brunch or afternoon tea.

Speaker Series

CORE's highly successful Speaker Series panel discussion and networking reception allows notable Filipino American professionals to exchange knowledge and insight about career paths toward achievement through story-telling, open forum and Q&A discussion.

Member-Led Workshops

Member-led workshops encourage our members to harness their leadership skills by educating and sharing with others their areas of expertise or interest, and hence, empowering both themselves and the community with knowledge. Previous topics included financial planning, paintball and Filipino cooking.

Community Parades and Festivals

CORE continues to participate in many of the annual local Filipino American and Pan Asian celebrations. Our involvement builds collaborative opportunities, professional networks, community involvement and recruitment efforts.

Community Outreach and Collaboration

CORE's mission is fulfilled primarily through collaborative efforts with many community organizations, individual artists, performers and vendor partners who support joint initiatives while providing volunteer opportunities for members.

Professional Networking

CORE hosts monthly mixers to connect its growing membership so each individual can enhance their personal, professional and community networks. In addition, CORE gives members access to socials, fundraisers, galas and community events coordinated by community partners to enhance these networks.