Please direct your inquiries to the areas listed on the following contact list:

For membership related inquiries, please contact:
Archie Alvarez, Vice Chair of Membership Services at membership@core-nyc.org

For details about programs, please contact:
Yssa Baretto, Vice Chair of Programs at programs@core-nyc.org

For details about READ Philippines (RP), please contact:
Feliza Mirasol, Director, Read Philippines at read@core-nyc.org
Or the RP Book Club at bookclub@core-nyc.org.

For press & media-related inquiries, please contact:
Joyce Yabut, Vice Chair of Administration at admin@core-nyc.org

For website related inquiries, please contact:
Roderick Rodriguez at website@core-nyc.org

For information about the CORE quarterly newsletter, please contact:
Marianne Magno, Editor, Connections at connections@core-nyc.org

For partnership opportunities and all other inquiries, please contact:
Venessa Manzano, Chair or Mark Habana, Immediate Past Chair at info@core-nyc.org

To contact one of our board members directly, use the following contact information:

Name Position E-mail Address
Venessa Manzano Interim Chairchair@core-nyc.org
Yssa Baretto Vice Chair, Programsvcp@core-nyc.org
Archie Alvarez Vice Chair, Membership Servicesvcms@core-nyc.org
Joyce Yabut Vice Chair, Administrationvca@core-nyc.org
Marianne Magno Vice Chair, Marketingvcm@core-nyc.org
Anthony Yabut Vice Chair, Finance vcf@core-nyc.org
Randy Gruezo Director vct@core-nyc.org
Feliza Mirasol Director, READ-Philippines dirread@core-nyc.org
Mark Habana Immediate Past Chair chair@core-nyc.org
For other inquiries: info@core-nyc.org

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 208
New York, NY 10163
Phone Number:
1.646.801.CORE (2673)